Soccer Beckham Says He Would Like To Quit Galaxy For Ac Milan

I expressed my desire to stay hours in Milan and hopefully the club can come to an agreement, Beckham, who is on loan with Italian giants, he said.. David Beckham said on Wednesday would quit LA Galaxy to a permanent move to AC Milan.

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Out Amp About Lady Gaga Rihanna Pussycat Dolls David Archuleta

For more photos of hot Gaga visit our friends at Gaga Daily.. Suspenders. Lady GaGa was snapped in Belfast, Ireland, leaving Victoria Square Shopping Center. Once worn only to assist nerds like Steve Urkel to keep their pants up are now becoming super safe now that the fashion of the moment Popstar was spotted rocking them.

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White Sox Quot Jerry Owens To Get Another Shot At Leadoff Spot

But Owens, 27, will face a stiff challenge from newcomer Brent Lillibridge, whose general manager Ken Williams said he has the ability to steal 40 bases in a season, and rookie Chris Getz. Jerry Owens for a second chance I think it needed more than a tune-up. With the help of the 1984 gold medal in the Olympics Sherri Howard, Owens hopes to escape with the leadoff job. The White Sox leadoff spot has resembled an auto repair shop for the last three seasons, with a mix of broken, and not the worn parts.

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Daniel Radcliffe Daniel Radcliffes Stunt Double Blown Up On Harry Potter Film Set

A stuntman who doubled for Daniel Radcliffe in the series of Harry Potter was injured in a terrible explosion on the set of the film. The 25-year-old, who was standing as Radcliffes stunt double in all the Harry Potter films, was rehearsing a sequence using a flying trapeze, when he was sent flying by the blast..

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Win Quantum Of Solace The Game

Casino Royale And Quantum Of Solace Based on the movie, this game offers hard hitting all the intense action and suspense you expect from Bond franchise. Enter the world of international espionage with that most famous of agents: James Bond. Join 007 for dangerous and deadly intrigue in the distant location of the experience of high-octane action that leaves you both shaken and stirred..

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